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The house a gangster built

For the one-time gangster who built it, it is nothing less than “the eighth wonder of the world”. The less charitably disposed dismiss it as a glorified barn, fire hazard and eyesore. But on one thing everyone agrees: Nikolai Sutyagin’s home is certainly different. Dominating the skyline of Arkhangelsk, a city in Russia’s far north-west, it is believed to be the world’s tallest

Your Great-Grandparents Didn’t Celebrate Christmas Like You Do

As we enjoy the Christmas season, many people are thinking about tradition. For us here in America, Christmas has become a time of family traditions, where we look back to a simpler time and rekindle memories of our youth and imagined memories of our grandparents’ youth, as well. But the traditions we think of as “old traditions” aren’t as old as we like to think. The Christmas celebration, as we know it, i

The Lost Ways: The Man Behind The Book

A few days ago I bought “The Lost Ways” by Claude Davis, a 350 page book that I’ve just finished reading today, and I can tell you that I enjoyed every page of it. It’s funny how after 15 years of prepping you still learn new things. Of course, the ideas were new for me and probably for most of us, but these things are actually very old. But Claude Davis got it right: “The SHTF we all prep for is what f

Just a teaspoon a day of turmeric can help fight cancer, depression and allergies

Turmeric is known for its iconic yellow-orange hue and for being a staple in South Asian cuisine. It has become increasingly popular for its medicinal uses and health benefits, and is widely considered to be a “superfood.” While there are many skeptics, turmeric has been subjected to hundreds of studies and scientific experiments. Curcumin, one of the key compounds found in turmeric, has been of partic


  Survival / Prepping Solutions  The Lost Ways :  (E-book and Physical Book ) This is Something that not only would help me survive a crisis without investing a fortune in stockpiles, but something that I could do around my house on a daily basis using only methods that were tested and proven by our forefathers for centuries. I wanted to unearth and learn the forgotten ways of our great-grandparents.  Watch t

30 Lost Ways of Survival from 1880 We Should All Learn

  People really should avert their gaze from the modern survival thinking for just a bit and also look at how the guys who wandered the west 150 or so years ago did it. 1.Community – We were not meant to survive in isolation forever. There are many skills we can learn from one another. Nothing will help people survive more than a tight knit community that cares for its members. In this community, you will

How Weight Control Drugs Hamper Your Survival

If you have to walk several miles or engage in other strenuous activities, being overweight is bound to pose some problems. On the other hand, there are thousands of weight loss drugs that are also very dangerous to your health and may make it harder than expected to get through a major social collapse. But you will be surprised to learn how many of weight loss drugs prescribed by doctors can cause side effects t

How Do You Recover From An Economic Collapse?

    The road to recovery from any type of societal collapse is largely dependent on the mechanism that caused the collapse. For this reason we need to determine what the likely cause of the collapse will be and have the appropriate equipment to fix the malfunction after it happens. This requires society to take a realistic look at the situation as it is and not how we want it to be. Most people do not eve

5 Life Lessons People Learn Too Late

IF YOUR AMBITION is to lead a satisfying life, your best bet is to cultivate connection. Studies show that people who enjoy rich ties with friends and family are happier, have fewer health problems, and are more resilient. When it comes to relationship advice, it’s also wise to approach conventional wisdom with a critical eye. We’ve culled the data, consulted the experts, and arrived at five essential lessons t

15 Top Wild Edibles That Can Save You in the Wild

What are the best wild edibles that you can find and identify easily in an emergency that may be growing nearby and all around you?Some of these wild edibles can be found in several regions, are easy to prepare (we include instructions) and have a higher calorie count. 1: Cattails If you want to know about high-quality edibles you should immediately look for cattails. Also referred to as bulrush or reedmac

Find a Vitamin or Supplement SEA BUCKTHORN

  Referring to the effects of sea buckthorn fruit on the body that were the object of many specialized studies in the country and around the globe “Catina is a” source “of vitamin C (containing between 400 and 1500 mg quantity greater than that which is reflected in the composition of fruit strawberry, kiwi or orange). At the same time, the composition of sea buckthorn are found vitamin E (18

Medieval Food Preservation

For centuries before the medieval period, and for centuries afterward, human beings in all parts of the world used a variety of methods to preserve foods for later consumption. Europeans in the Middle Ages were no exception. A society that was largely agrarian would be keenly aware of the need to store up provisions against the ominous threats of famine, drought, and warfare. The possibility of disaster wasn’

The Dallas Massacre: This Is The Kind Of Civil Unrest That I Have Been Warning Is Coming To America

Today is a day to mourn and pray for America. In Dallas, Texas last night, a hate-filled gunman ruthlessly started gunning down police officers. A total of 12 officers were shot, and five of them are now dead. If we do not learn to love one another, there is no hope for us as a nation. Unfortunately, the love of most people has grown cold, and today messages of hate and division from people on all sides of the deba