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The Kingdom Of Heaven The Interpreter of Dreams

The Terror of Dreams An image, great and terrible, bright in glistening metals.  A head of gold, breast of silver, belly of brass, and legs of iron.  Stuff worthy of a nightmare, and that’s exactly where the king of Babylon met it.  But there was more.  As the king watched, a stone, untouched by human hands, was cut from a mountain and hurled at the image’s feet.  The image shattered and became as “the c

Nostradamus, Baba Vanga’s Scary Predictions For 2017, Beyond Exposed!

NOSTRADAMUS – The Nostradamus and Baba Vanga’s world predictions for the year 2017 and the future have been revealed. Predictions have undeniably been a part of the history of the world. Since before, there are already people who express their predictions of what will happen to the world in the coming years. There are those predictions that were really jaw-dropping as they have come true. Unfortunately, ther

5 Surprising Items That Will Survive An ‘End-Of-The World’ EMP Attack

You’ve probably heard all about the horrible things that an EMP will do, if we are ever unfortunate enough to have an enemy set one off over the United States. (Or if we experience a Carrington-like major solar storm.) It’s actually pretty scary, especially when you take the time to consider how much we depend on electricity and electronic gadgets in our day-to-day lives. Never before has there been a society t

Prep Blog Review: Are You Prepared For The Worst?

What is your worst-case scenario? Are you prepared for it? Whether or not you have the answers to these questions, one thing’s for sure: surviving the unexpected will be our biggest challenge when SHTF. “Hope for the best, and prepare for the worst”, according to the old saying. This is what I had in mind when skimming through the last week’s articles on survival blogs and websites. I gathered 5 articles

Survival Guide for The Last Days, End of the World, and Biblical Armageddon.

Is the world approaching a serious of disasters that will bring in Armageddon? Are we living in the last days of earth and end times of civilization? With Severe Storms, Tornadoes, Earthquakes and Wildfires Erupting Across the Earth Today, Are You Prepared to Survive Tomorrow? Clearly the world is changing, and we know for a fact that the polar ice caps are melting. According to scientists, they’re melting at

World War 3 Coming Soon? Tanks Roll Across The Border As Turkish Invasion Of Syria Begins

The invasion of Syria that so many people have been warning about is now happening.  On Wednesday, Turkish tanks rolled across the Syrian border, and they were accompanied by radical Islamic Syrian rebels that want to ultimately overthrow the Assad regime.  This invasion was conducted under the code name “Euphrates Shield”, and it was supported by airstrikes from A-10s and F-16s that are part of the U.S.-led

The Latest Attack On America – ‘What Is Happening To Our Country?’ Exactly What We Were Warned Of In The House Of Congress, Decades Ago

“I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” – The Pledge of Allegiance The title question  comes from a Facebook post by a man named Micah Brienen who uploaded an image of a form that was sent home with his niece from the Leon County Schools  in Tallahassee, Flor

Social Justice Warrior Freak-Out Compilation – Special Snowflakes Weaponizing Victimhood To Stifle Debate

In an age where the MSM spotlights minority deaths by police in order to “generate outrage,” despite the fact that more whites are killed by police each year, and where we have the most divisive president in history, pushing class warfare, inciting racial tensions, targeting whole segments of society like veterans, constitutionalists, Christians, survivalists and others, by labeling them as extremists a

Who Are the Real Terrorists?

Who are the real terrorists and what is terrorism? According to the Online Etymology Dictionary, the word terrorist (n) in the modern times, since 1944, especially references Jewish tactics against the British in Palestine. Earlier use of the word dates to the extremist revolutionaries of Russia in 1866 as well as the Jacobins during the French Revolution in 1795. The English word terrorist is a derivative of the F

How Trolls Are Ruining the Internet

Have you noticed that people say some of the most hateful things imaginable on the Internet?  Earlier today, I came across a Time Magazine article entitled “How Trolls Are Ruining the Internet“, and it made me reflect on my own experience as the publisher of a number of prominent websites.  Over the years, I have often gotten to see what is really going on in some of the darkest hearts in our society.  There

Has ‘Plague Of Demons’ Illuminati Card Game Card Been Unleashed Upon America Or Is The Nationwide Outbreak Of Demonic Possession Due To ‘Hellary’?

 It comes as no surprise to anyone who has been paying attention to what has long been happening to our country that we’re now witnessing what some have called an unprecedented outbreak of demonic behavior at the same time as we have an individual in the running for the highest office of the land who is morally and spiritually bankrupt and a pathological liar. While war crimes charges should be awaiting her,

Something Very Strange Is Going On And Alternative News Readers Are Being Targeted – Have You Noticed Any Of These Symptoms?

Three days ago a very interesting and disturbing series of comments were noted here at ANP, unrelated to the actual article itself, but that in and of itself is not abnormal as debates progress and lead into other areas of discussion, but the originating question that started the side-topic and the responses, as well as how many of the comments automatically went into moderation, pending approval before they could

What is a Prepper?

A Prepper is a person who takes Personal Responsibility and Self Reliance seriously.  Preparedness is an important part of life for a serious Prepper.  They follow the Five Principles of Preparedness while they Walk the Path of the Prepper. What is a Prepper? A Prepper is a person who earnestly believes that no challenge is insurmountable with the proper dedication, determination and focus.  A Prepper looks at t