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5 Root Cellar Alternatives That Are Low-Cost And Easy-To-Make

During the summer there is nothing better than picking fruits and vegetables from your garden and then enjoying them at your dinner table that evening. The taste, freshness and convenience cannot be beat. But how can you continue to enjoy fresh homegrown produce when they’re not in season? One way is with a root cellar. It is with the use of root cellars that our ancestors provided nutritious food to their famili

Prep Blog Review: The Good & The Bad Food In Your Pantry

You probably already have a well-stocked pantry for survival, but have you checked the foods lately? While some foods from are a bless and you can use them for several purposes in a survival situation (e.g. honey), there are other foods that you are stockpiling without knowing how dangerous they are. Since there are good foods and bad foods in your pantry, for this week’s prep blog review I’ve gathered four art

7 Survival ‘Forever Foods’ That Could Outlive You

by: Sandra A. Preparing for a crisis that includes a shortage of food takes work. You know your food storage should include a variety of foods. And that they should be rotated. But did you know that there are foods that actually could outlive you? If not, read on. Here are 7 foods that will last at least 30 years: 1. Sugar. Stored in air-tight containers, sugar can last more 30 years. But not all sugars last as l

4 Hidden Off-Grid Dangers That Could Kill You

Many of us living off the grid have a homestead where we strive for some level of self-reliance. This can be accomplished by using an alternative energy source, having a thriving garden or raising livestock for meat. Regardless of exactly how we strive for self-reliance, often our homestead is remote and private. However, living on a remote homestead comes with some hidden dangers that could kill you if you’re no

How To Keep Your Winter Stockpile Safe

Building your stockpiles is only part of the equation for survival. Once you have items stored up, you also must protect them all year long. This winter, your reserves can be threatened in numerous ways. Are yours going to make it through until spring comes? Here are five common threats that winter can bring. So you can adequately prepare, you’ll also find tips on how to avoid these threats. That way you can make

How To Plan Farmer’s Calendar All Year Round

A farmer’s work is never done. You’d think that in the winter when there are no crops to tend or hay to mow, there may be some time to take a break, and that’s somewhat true, but not really. Winter is actually one of the busiest times of year; in addition to taking care of the animals, clearing snow, and keeping things running, you need to plan and prep for the next year. Winter appears to be a time of sleep

My Shipping Container Cabin, Shelter, Home

The plan is to build a cabin / shelter / house from a shipping / sea container that is suitable for a weekend or a very lengthy stay. One that is self sustainable in a time of disaster for up to a year or longer if need be, and to have all the comforts of home, and more.      When finished it will have both grid and off grid capabilities. Water will be heated using solar energy with electric backup, or by w

10 Secret Ways To Turn The Panic Room Into A Bunker

Even if you travel to the ends of the Earth to reach the perfect bug out location, or you think you have everything accounted for in a bug in scenario, your survival may depend on  the contents and security  of a single room. Some people feel panic rooms are useless, or that escaping is always a better option, but a panic room is really useful until immediate dangers pass. When used with awareness of the pitfalls

Off-Grid Mechanics: 8 Steps That You Need To Know

What kind of vehicles and equipment do you use every day? What would you use instead in a SHTF world without the power grid? When modern equipment won’t work anymore, the prepared have a plan in place. They know that with a little ingenuity and some elbow grease, they can get the job done. But a willingness to work won’t get you very far if you don’t have a pile of materials to work with. Using What You Have

Conditions for Optimal Food Storage

Conditions for Optimal Food Storage   This will vary a bit depending on what you are storing and how you have packaged it up, but there are a few important points to make that should apply to just about any scenario. The section before this one has already covered containers, so you should already know the best packaging options. So now how/where do you store them? Of course, this is all for foods you are not

Seven Major Mistakes In Food Storage

Seven Major Mistakes In Food Storage   A month or two ago I met a cute little gal who was talking to me about her newly begun food storage. “You know,” she began, “I’ve dreaded doing my storage for years, it seems so blah, but the way national events are going my husband and I decided we couldn’t put it off anymore. And do you know, it really hasn’t been so hard. We just bou

Ingredients Matter: Store Foods Your Family Will Actually Want to Eat

One common misconception about emergency preparedness is that food storage quality doesn’t matter as long as you have some food stored that will last for a long time without spoiling. Having something stored is better than nothing but it is also crucial to fill your body with nourishing ingredients during an emergency. This will keep you satisfied and in top form. Eating lesser-quality foods can leave you suscept

8. Scary things that happen after our nation bankrupts (Economic Collapse)

Our nation… bankrupting? An economic collapse? Sounds silly right? Things have always been the same and no matter what happens we endure and we survive. Our government and financial institutions will take care of everything. They would never let us falter. Anyway.. all we need to do is print more money, or borrow some from our best friend, China. We are 16 trillion in debt right now. And the way we are dealing wi