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Will Obama’s DOJ And FBI Allow The ‘Clinton Crime Family’ And ‘Globalist Mafia’ To Complete Their Overthrow Of America? ‘The Future Of The Republic Is At Stake’

Will Barack Obama’s FBI and the US Department of Justice forever destroy their reputations and forever negate ‘the rule of law’ in America by allowing the ‘Clinton Crime Family’ and globalist mafia to steal America away from the American people? With the most contentious presidential election in recent US history in its final days, this new story from Mike Adams over at Natural News te

10 Often-Overlooked Medical Supplies To Stockpile For A Societal Collapse

There are certain mistakes I see made over and over again among those in the preparedness community. Most of them are understandable. We live in a society where we have a plethora of resources and support available to us, and breaking out of that mindset and thinking of how to be truly self-sufficient is hard, even for those of us who are trying. But if we are going to survive a major natural or man-made disaster,

Hillary’s Own Insiders Drop ‘Judgement Day Bombshells’ On Her Head As Globalist Insider Admits They Rig Elections

While we’re quite certain that the mainstream media will continue to destroy itself by not pounding these latest Wikileaks revelations that should completely bring down the presidential aspirations of democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, we’ll join with Heat Street and do our very best to make sure these latest bombshells see the light of day. While it’s well known that Donald Trump not only DOES

VOTERS WARNED: You’ve already lost America… this election is about taking it back in the last non-violent way possible: At the voting booth

If you’re not following the flurry of email dumps now being released every 24 hours by Wikileaks, you’re missing out on the most damning revelations of systemic government corruption in the history of this nation. The emails reveal unprecedented criminal collusion between the State Dept., the Clinton Foundation, the Obama White House, the FBI, the DNC, the leftist media and the Hillary Clinton president

Why This Will Be The Worst Week Of Hillary Clinton’s Life – Total Destruction Of The Clinton Machine Is Now At Hand

While ANP tries our very best to stay away from the kind of ‘juvenile journalism’ recently put on display by the Washington Post in unearthing the recent Donald Trump tape from 2005 that has much of America talking, we’ve personally been asked if we will continue to back Donald Trump in his run for presidency now that an 11-year old video has been unearthed.As we’re told in this new

Was The ‘Kill Switch’ Activated? – Assange Might Have Just Exposed Bigger Conspiracy Than Any Clinton Revelation

While many are expressing disappointment that the highly anticipated announcement by WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange did not offer any new revelations about Hillary Clinton, with some claiming it was a Psych and referencing the “boy that cried wolf,” we note that Assange himself did not indicate, nor promise any Clinton revelations on the specific date of his highly publicized presser, but more

CLAIM: Historic event to occur in the next six days that will end the rise of Trump and seize the future of America for totalitarian globalists

You didn’t really think the criminal cabal of globalists was going to idly stand by and let the voters elect an anti-establishment candidate, did you? According to the latest insider buzz I’m hearing, a staged event of historic magnitude is set to take place in the next six days that will end the populist rise of Donald Trump and allow totalitarian globalists to seize control of America through politica

The ‘Deplorables’ – MSM Loses Their Collective Minds And Allows White Supremacists To Dictate Their ‘Pepe The Frog’ Coverage

The mainstream media is so desperate to distract the general public from the latest Hillary Clinton health crisis, and the fact that Democrats are actually thinking she may have to be replaced on the national ticket, that they are mimicking white nationalists in yet one of the most obvious examples showing that we are watching the death throes of the MSM. What is bigger news than a presidential candidate, to whom m

4 Reference Books,Types of Survival You Should Read and Why

Not to be too extreme here, but you never know when you might find yourself in the midst of, say, Armageddon, and you need to know how to survive. It’s actually far more likely that you’ll get lost hiking or find yourself stranded while camping in the desert. Either way, it’s always best to be prepared, whether you’re the outdoorsy type or not. It’s fun to learn what types of plants an

The Hammer Is About To Drop – WikiLeaks To Release ‘Teasers’ As Early As Next Week

The recent FBI release of heavily redacted investigation documents detailing their notes on their interview with Hillary Clinton which was held just days before the announcement that they would not be recommending criminal charges against the Democratic nominee for president, definitely did some damage as polling is already showing the race narrowing between Clinton and Republican presidential candidate Donald Tru

Read FBI Clinton Investigation Docs – FBI Deliberately Attempts To Bury Bombshell Investigation Notes Over Holiday Weekend

The FBI has just released two downloadable PDF files of the documents pertaining to the Hillary Clinton Email Investigation, with a statement “We are making these materials available to the public in the interest of transparency and in response to numerous Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests.” The downloadable files can be found at the FBI Vault and have been uploaded to Scribd by a Roberto Baldw

See Censored Video – Facebook Openly Shills For Hillary By Banning Video Exposing PBS Censorship To Protect Clinton

Matt Orfalea managed to provide documented evidence, via a livestream interview by PBS with Green Party presidential nominee, Dr. Jill Stein, along with the final edited version that PBS published, further documented with a taped version of the livestream itself proving that PBS censored the most critical portions of the interview against Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. Now the evidence provided by Orfalea, by

Elites Preparing For Their Final Curtain Call – The Death Of Billions Of People

Another day, another hack, but this one hits the one ‘visible’ person, George Soros, the front man so to speak, of the Shadow Government, which pulls the strings to create chaos all across the globe, including right here in America, all in the name of control and the ultimate endgame of depopulating the world. A site by the name DC Leaks, self-described as “a new level project aimed to analyze and