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Report: Obama Issued A Massive Ammunition Ban Just One Day Before He Left Office

In early December SHTFplan contributor Jeremiah Johnson warned the inauguration was still a long way off and that we should never underestimate a Marxist with an army of oligarchs to lean on. It turns out that Johnson’s warnings were right on target, as we have learned over the last couple of weeks that President Obama and officials in his administration moved feverishly to implement new rules and regulations wit

Is This The Coup In America? “U.S. Troops On Russian Border” To Start War Before Inauguration

Is there a coup underway, while America is in the transition period, and before Trump swears in as the 45th president of the United States? How real is the clash between the rogue Manhattan billionaire and the intelligence gang behind the throne? Who will win the struggle for power over foreign policy? These are serious times and require serious considerations. The U.S. sent an entire armored brigade to the Russian

REALITY CHECK for environmentalists: Until we achieve clean, renewable energy breakthroughs, the U.S. economy still runs on oil… so EAT YOUR CAR!

Environmentalists are pulling their hair out over the Trump election victory, horrified that Trump is going to unleash more fracking, more pipelines and more oil exploration that will inevitably result in environmental damage. I’m an environmental scientist, by the way. In my private laboratory CWC Labs, I ran the EPA Watch program that tested hundreds of water samples from municipal water supplies all across

Will Obama’s DOJ And FBI Allow The ‘Clinton Crime Family’ And ‘Globalist Mafia’ To Complete Their Overthrow Of America? ‘The Future Of The Republic Is At Stake’

Will Barack Obama’s FBI and the US Department of Justice forever destroy their reputations and forever negate ‘the rule of law’ in America by allowing the ‘Clinton Crime Family’ and globalist mafia to steal America away from the American people? With the most contentious presidential election in recent US history in its final days, this new story from Mike Adams over at Natural News te

Vladimir Putin Cripples The Mainstream Media And Blows A Hole In The New World Order As We Reach The Eve Of Destruction

With Hillary Clinton’s camp now pinning her rapidly disintegrating chances to be president of America upon the American people ‘buying’ that FBI Director James Comey is part of some vast right-wing conspiracy that includes; 1) Donald Trump 2) The countless good men and women at the FBI who had recently submitted resignation letters to Comey 3) The entire ‘alt-right media’ 4) Every si

Pentagon: ‘We Are Not Prepared’ And ‘It Is Unavoidable’ – Terrifying Government Video Shows ‘The World Of Our Future’

In mid-October 2016, The Intercept obtained a video via the Freedom of Information Act,  titled “Megacities: Urban Future, the Emerging Complexity,” where it states “This is the world of our future. It is one we are not prepared to effectively operate within… and it is unavoidable. There are a number of reasons this video is described as terrifying, as it depicts a world where 60 percent of

Putin’s greatest warning to the West yet: Russia unveils first image of its Satan 2 super-nuke, capable of destroying an area the size of France

Russia has unveiled chilling pictures of its largest ever nuclear missile, capable of destroying an area the size of France. The RS-28 Sarmat missile, dubbed Satan 2 by Nato, has a top speed of 4.3 miles (7km) per second and has been designed to outfox anti-missile shield systems. The new Sarmat missile could deliver warheads of 40 megatons – 2,000 times as powerful as the atom bombs dropped on Hiroshima and

‘Everything’s Aligned For All Hell To Break Loose’ – Vladimir Putin’s Ominous Message To The American People

Back on October 2nd, ANP reported that 40+ million Russians would be taking part in massive, 4-day long civil defense maneuvers that would involve citizens being moved to fully-stocked underground bunkers in Moscow and throughout the country as Russia prepared itself for nuclear war. In the nearly 3 weeks that have followed, we’ve reported that US military leaders and Russian leaders have had a series of esca

Are The Final Trumpets Sounding As Obama Betrays Israel And Worldwide War Is On The Horizon?

On September 30, 2016 the Obama administraton issued an official communication of Obama’s remarks from the memorial service for recently deceased former Israeli president Shimon Peres, held in Jerusalem, Israel. Immediately after issuing that communication, the admin issued a “corrected” version where they crossed out Israel from the location. Revelation 8:6 – “And the seven a

CLAIM: Historic event to occur in the next six days that will end the rise of Trump and seize the future of America for totalitarian globalists

You didn’t really think the criminal cabal of globalists was going to idly stand by and let the voters elect an anti-establishment candidate, did you? According to the latest insider buzz I’m hearing, a staged event of historic magnitude is set to take place in the next six days that will end the populist rise of Donald Trump and allow totalitarian globalists to seize control of America through politica

Americans Must Give Up ‘Freedom Of Action’ Obama Tells United Nations – Final Push For One World Government Begins

Last September when Barack Obama stood in front the UN General Assembly and gave his New World Order speech, many of us in the Alternative Media were alarmed at his constant references to “International law, international norms, international rule and international order,” without mention of sovereign rights guaranteed to Americans under the U.S. Constitution. This year, the outgoing President of the Un

Earth ‘not prepared for apocalyptic ASTEROID strike’ says Obama advisor

OUR planet is not fully prepared for a potentially disastrous asteroid strike, US President Barack Obama’s chief science advisor warned. END OF THE WORLD? ‘NASA has made great progress on tracking deadly space rocks’ The White House’s Officer of Science and Technology Policy John Holdren has lifted the lid on the potential danger of massive rocks wreaking havoc on Earth. NASA has made great

Obama’s Science Czar Warns Earth Not Ready For Asteroid Strike As NASA Talks ‘Asteroid Redirect Mission’ – What Do They Know That We Don’t Know?

Only days ago, Barack Obama’s chief science czar John Holdren warned that our planet Earth was not prepared for an asteroid strike. Lifting the lid on the potential massive damage that such a strike could cause our planet, Holdren warns ‘we have to be smarter than the dinosaurs’ were 65 million years ago. According to the NASA Media Release seen at the bottom of this story, NASA recently provided