14 Dog Breeds for Preppers

Tens of thousands of years ago, early humans established an unlikely alliance with another animal—the grey wolf. Over the last 15,000 years, our fates have intertwined, and we have managed to domesticate them into what we now call man’s best friend. Given the fact that dogs were the first domesticated animals—long before cows, sheep, pigs, or goats; before we even learned how to plant rice or corn; and before we shaped the world as we know it today—they became essential to our lives.

Have you ever wondered what the most suitable dog breeds for preppers are? Or for dire situations?

Outdoor/Hiking Dogs

   I. Bernese Mountain Dog

bernese mountain dog

As the name suggests, these dogs are perfect for outdoors. Having originated as a working farm dog in Switzerland, BMDs love staying active and stimulated. They are sturdy, good-natured, calm dogs that are great at herding livestock, protecting the family, and even pulling carts that can weigh up to ten times the dog’s body weight. Additionally, they are very easy to train since one of their special skills is to being able to analyze what you want them to do.

Bernese can help with carrying your survival supplies, they are excellent trackers, they have a great level of energy, and they do well during harsh winter conditions.

Highlights of the breed:

  • Strong
  • Eager to please, loyal, and affectionate
  • High level of energy; need constant challenges
  • Short lifespan: 6-8 years

II. Alaskan Malamute

Alaskan MalamuteThis impressive, wolf-like dog just might be the perfect dog breed for any survivalist out there. Their strong, large stature, together with a high level of energy, endurance, and intelligence, enables them to participate in heavy-duty activities, be very resilient, and adapt to any situation. They are expert hunters, diggers, and climbers. These abilities allow them to be very versatile dogs that are perfect for any prepper.

Highlights of the breed:

  • Sturdy, resistant, and powerful
  • Independent nature, friendly with strangers, not very good for protection
  • Perfect hunters (They will hunt everything)
  • World-class leash puller
  • Lifespan: 12-15 years

III. Border Collie

Border Collie

These dogs apparently possess a supernatural amount of energy and stamina as they can run up to or even more than 50 miles per day. Border collies are, therefore, the ideal working dogs, and while they already qualify as the perfect outdoor dog, there’s more. Due to their natural herding instincts, they have an uncanny ability to perceive what you’re about to tell them before you ask it. Since they absolutely love to please their owners, they can be easily trained to do anything—even collect firewood for you. Border collies have proven to have mental strength and are up for any kind of physical exercise.

Highlights of the breed:

  • Highly sensitive
  • One of the most intelligent dog breeds
  • Live to work
  • Lifespan: 10-17 years

General Guard Dogs

IV. Giant Schnauzer

Giant-SchnauzerThis is the first guard dog on every professional list because its guardianship is absolutely instinctual. These dogs have gained various aptitudes and skills over the years that make them the perfect dog for anyone and for anything. They have a complex temperament that shows spirit and alertness, amiability, high intelligence, courage, loyalty, watchfulness, and alertness. Their structure and weather-resistant coat make them perfect for any climate.

Highlights of the breed:

  • Big dog, big personality
  • Intelligent, obedient if well trained, agile
  • Natural guardian
  • Lifespan: 10-12 years

V. Akita


Akitas are courageous and profoundly loyal dogs. They were originally bred to guard Japan’s royalty and nobility and also for tracking and hunting wild boars, bears, and deer. Being big, strong dogs, their powerful presence alone serves as a deterrent. Naturally wary with strangers, they instinctively guard their territory and loved ones without hesitation.

Highlights of the breed:

  • Enjoys carrying stuff around
  • Naturally fearless and protective; can easily become aggressive if not trained properly
  • Won’t back down from any challenge
  • Lifespan: 10-12 years

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VI. German Shepherd

german shepherd

The reputable German Shepherds can instill fear on sight due to their notoriety as police and military dogs used for tracking, sniffing, and attacking, but they will excel at anything they’re trained to do. However, they are extremely loyal, gentle, and loving dogs with their families, and thus they won’t welcome guests.

Highlights of the breed:

  • Intelligent, capable, hard-working dog
  • High energy and courageous breed
  • Require regular mental and physical exercise
  • Lifespan: 10-14 years

VII. Chinese Shar Pei


It might seem odd to include this breed on this list, but their heritage points to their great guardianship skills. They were originally bred as fighting dogs but rapidly became guard dogs due to their ferociousness and loyalty. Shar Peis must be trained very early and must learn who the “pack leader” is or else they will likely compete for the job—they can be very stubborn.

Highlights of the breed:

  • Tough and merciless dogs when needed
  • Very territorial; may display “sharking” behavior with strangers
  • Calm, devoted to loved ones, and excellent guard dog
  • Lifespan: 8-12 years

VIII. Doberman Pinscher


With a reputation as a ferocious breed, the mere sight of a Doberman might be enough to scare anyone away. But they are loyal, watchful, and trustworthy companions with admirable guarding abilities—they were actually bred primarily as guard dogs. They are ranked as the fifth most intelligent dog breed, and they will assume the alpha role in your household.

Highlights of the breed:

  • Very protective dogs; alert and fearless
  • Loyal, obedient, and determined
  • Super-intelligent; natural protector; won’t hesitate to act when he thinks his family is in danger
  • Lifespan: 10-13 years

 Hunting Dogs

IX. Rhodesian Ridgeback


This dog was once known as the African Lion Hound because it was used for hunting big game prey, such as lions, bears, and boar. They can be described as extremely athletic, big and strong, fearless, very loyal, and intelligent. (They need mental stimulation; otherwise, a bored Rhodesian Ridgeback will become a destructive Rhodesian Ridgeback). Being a hunting breed, this dog is the best protector from outdoor threats and will do anything in its power to make sure you and your companions are safe.

Highlights of the breed:

  • Perfect fit for dry, hot climates
  • Muscular and sturdy
  • Very intelligent
  • High prey drive
  • Lifespan: 10-12 years

X. German Shorthair Pointer


This dog was bred for hunting and retrieving game, so if you are in the great outdoors, you won’t need to worry about food since the GSP will be enticed by any moving creature. This is one of the few hunting breeds that can perform all gundog roles both in the field and water. If you lose sight of each other, this dog will always find its way back to you.

Highlights of the breed:

  • Highly energetic, remarkably intelligent, and hard worker
  • Versatile—an all-purpose gun dog
  • People oriented; hates to be left alone for a long time
  • Lifespan: 12-14 years

XI. Labrador Retriever


Even the name suggests this dog’s hunting inclination. Labs might be the ultimate hunting dogs due to their excessive energy, their willingness to go almost anywhere to retrieve the kills, and their love for both land and water. Labs are America’s favorite breed and for good reason: They are always happy, playful, good-natured, and a hard worker.

Highlights of the breed:

  • Bred for physically demanding jobs
  • Stable temperament; intelligent
  • Great fur for cold, rainy weather
  • Lifespan: 10-12 years

XII. American Foxhound


The American Foxhound is a rare purebred that is known for its excellent hunting abilities and its easygoing, loyal, kind, and sweet nature. They do great with the companionship of other dogs (since they originally hunted in large packs), while another great feature is the fact that their bark can carry for miles. Additionally, this dog is also a great watchdog and protector.

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Highlights of the breed:

  • Incredible running skills and boundless stamina
  • Willing to chase down anything they’re asked to
  • Gentle and tolerant but can be stubborn and independent
  • Lifespan: 12-13 years

XIII. Vizsla


This medium-sized dog was originally bred to work in the forest, field, and water, and over time it became a versatile dog of power that was able to fulfill any job. One special characteristic for this dog is their very affectionate nature, which makes them prone to always staying close to the hunter.

Highlights of the breed:

  • Superb scenting skills
  • Excellent watchdog with great protective instincts
  • “Talker”: barks, whines, and moans to make their “opinion” heard
  • Lifespan: 10-14 years

XIV. Bluetick Coonhound

Bluetick Coonhound

Strong, athletic, and agile, these dogs can keep up with a cougar. This breed is perfect for hunting big, fast game, such as mountain lions. They have excellent noses that can pick up on old trails, and they can follow any cougar climbing trees or even on the edge of a cliff. Due to their muscular stature and speed, they are actually capable of killing big prey with ease.

Highlights of the breed:


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