3 Reasons A Revolver Is The Ultimate Concealed Carry Weapon

Before I get into explaining why I prefer carrying a revolver over a semiautomatic pistol, let me preface this by saying a few things. First, I would only make this recommendation for someone who accumulates range time. If you’re not the kind of person to spend time at the range working on your shooting, carrying a revolver is not for you. Shooting a wheel gun accurately takes range time. Accurate shooting is absolutely paramount while shooting a revolver, as you will have a decreased ammunition capacity when compared to a semiautomatic pistol. If you’re the type of person to carry, but not go shoot often, I would recommend carrying a semiautomatic pistol.

There are three main reasons I prefer carrying a revolver: versatility, reliability, and results.

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Concealable revolvers are much more versatile than concealable semiautomatic pistols. As a class of weapons, they range from very small, pocket-sized guns all the way up to guns that are capable of putting down bears while still being easily concealed. Many revolvers are able to shoot multiple different calibers, and available calibers range from .22LR all the way up to .45 Colt and .410 bore shotgun shells. This allows the shooter to fine-tune which load they prefer to carry and shoot. Plus, the fact that I regularly carry a weapon that is loaded with shotgun shells makes my heart happy.

My next reason for carrying a revolver is the reliability. Once upon a time, it was virtually impossible for a revolver to jam. I’ve since learned that it is, in fact, possible for the internals of a revolver to jam, but it is far less likely to happen. I have never had a revolver jam on me, but have had semiautomatic pistols jam on me on more than a few occasions at the range. Despite the fact that I clean and maintain my weapons, I have had multiple semiautomatic pistols jam. I would be terrified of being in a situation when I actually needed to use my carry weapon, and when I pulled the trigger, nothing happened. Carrying a revolver gives me some piece of mind. If nothing happens after the first pull, all I’ve got to do is pull the trigger again.

Another reason that I consider revolvers to be more reliable is that I find them easier to draw. Given the natural shape of a revolver, the grip is thinner than the cylinder. This creates a gap between my body and the grip of the weapon, which then makes it easier for me to draw it. I’ve found that with the square body of most semiautomatic pistols, I end up fumbling around for a second before I can get a good grip on it in order to draw it.

The last reason I prefer carrying a revolver is the results. As a whole, revolvers shoot heavier rounds at a faster speed than semiautomatic pistols do. My main comparisons when I was making the decision were .357 Magnum being compared to 9mm, and .44 Magnum being compared to .45 ACP. The revolver bullets are each around 15 grams heavier than their counterpart, and are shot with a great deal more velocity. Adding in the fact that revolvers are generally heavier than the semiautomatic they’re compared to is another plus, as it creates less recoil. Obviously, the exact numbers are dependent on the round selected, but as a general rule of thumb, revolver rounds are heavier, faster, and they create wider holes and deeper penetration.

At the end of the day, the perfect concealed carry weapon is dependent on the person carrying it, but these are my reasons for carrying revolvers over semiautomatic pistols. I find comfort in the fact that I know I can draw faster and shoot just as accurately, all while causing more damage with a revolver than I can with most semiautomatic pistols.


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