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OOPS! The Sickening Truth Slips Out On CNN – Now We Know Why They Continue To Push ‘The Russian Boogeyman’ Theme!

In psychology, projection is a theory in which humans defend themselves against their own (sometimes unconscious) impulses or qualities by denying their existence in themselves while attributing them to others. For example, a person who is habitually rude may constantly accuse other people of being rude. It incorporates blame shifting. 

CDC Insider Warns Deadly Pathogens Are Increasing: ‘They’re New, They’re Scary And They’re Very Difficult To Diagnose’

– Is Bill Gates ‘Bio-Terror Doomsday Warning’ About To Play Out Across America? According to Dr. Edward Group in the first video below with Infowars reporter Millie Weaver, fungus, yeast and mold are the biggest hidden health threats that Americans face and most Americans who are afflicted with some sort

Mysterious Phenomenon ‘Radiation Clouds’ May Be Bringing ‘Radioactive Rain’ To America – ‘Radiation Readings Off The Charts’ As ‘Constant Phoenix’ Is Deployed To Europe

– ‘And No One Knows Where The Radiation Comes From’ The February 3rd story from New Scientist reports upon a newly discovered mysterious phenomenon that may pose a risk to air travelers: ‘radiation clouds’. ‘Danger zones’ in the air where radiation levels surge to the point where they could pose

The ‘Enemies Of America Within’ Are Still Within – John McCain’s Ties To George Soros And ISIS Prove America Is Still In Danger As The Globalists Become Desperate To Bring Down President Trump Via Any Way Possible

The recent story from USAToday reports Arizona Senator John McCain has come out swinging against President Donald Trump and his new administration soon after McCain won another six-year term in the Senate, his sixth term in office. McCain, who back on December 29th of 2016 was reported to be seeking

Insider Warns: ‘We Could Have Some Serious Problems’ – Is ‘Grizzly Steppe’ The ‘Grisly Step’ The Globalists Need To Complete Their ‘Takedown Of America’?

The new SQAlert from the website of Steve Quayle republished below shares with us in profound depth the dire nature of what we now face as Americans as we witness an all-out assault upon our country and liberties by ‘globalist enemies within’ determined to bring America down in the next