Articles by Susan Duclos

Are The Final Trumpets Sounding As Obama Betrays Israel And Worldwide War Is On The Horizon?

On September 30, 2016 the Obama administraton issued an official communication of Obama’s remarks from the memorial service for recently deceased former Israeli president Shimon Peres, held in Jerusalem, Israel. Immediately after issuing that communication, the admin issued a “corrected” version where they crossed out Israel from the location. Revelation

Was The ‘Kill Switch’ Activated? – Assange Might Have Just Exposed Bigger Conspiracy Than Any Clinton Revelation

While many are expressing disappointment that the highly anticipated announcement by WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange did not offer any new revelations about Hillary Clinton, with some claiming it was a Psych and referencing the “boy that cried wolf,” we note that Assange himself did not indicate, nor promise any Clinton

‘This Should Send Chills Down The Backs Of Every American Who Wants To Live Freely’ – National Call To Action Announced – This Is How You Can Help Defeat Tyranny!

“This is the very definition of government overreach and it should send chills down the back of every American who is concerned about their right to live freely.” Travis Lowin, Director of the Botanical Education Alliance If you are somebody who has long-suffered from chronic pain, imagine you’ve been given