How To Make An UNwelcome Mat

images-6Security requires a constant effort that not only involves keeping a watchful eye on your property, but also maintaining practices that mitigate the risk of loss or damage. It usually helps to have good relationships with friends and neighbors too. There are many crimes that are prevented or cut short because of having a neighbor or passerby notice that something is out of place. An unwelcome mat is a door mat that consists of a mat with a grid of nails or screws with points upward as a deterrent. It is typically a passive measure that can be taken to not only protect your property from human intruders but curious wildlife as well. It is a suitable measure for an occupied property as well as a remote location such as a vacation home or bug out property.

Step 1 – Decide what to use for the base of the unwelcome mat. This could be a piece of plywood or even a rubber mat like the ones used in gyms and horse stalls. Typically, the thicker the mat, the better.

Step 2 – Determine the size of mat that you would like to put together. The Colorado Department of Parks and Wildlife recommends a 4 foot by 4 foot mat for a single doorway or a 4 foot by 8 foot mat for a double door entry.

Step 3 – Measure the thickness of the mat material to determine the length of nails or screws to use. The spikes extending through the mat should be about 3/4″-1″ above the top of the flat surface of the mat. An unwelcome mat will require approximately 25 nails or screws for each square foot of size.

Step 4 – Install the nails or screws in a grid pattern, approximately 2″ apart. It can be easier to put nails or screws into the mat if a pilot hole is drilled first.

Step 5 – Place the unwelcome mat in your decided location. Ensure that it cannot be moved easily or flipped over by securing it using nails or screws. If the unwelcome mat is going to be placed somewhere other than a porch, it can be secured using landscape spikes or tent stakes.

While this is not a standalone security system, an unwelcome mat can be a simple addition to a comprehensive system designed to deter both human and animal invaders. Along with being simple and easily made, an unwelcome mat can be placed almost anywhere making it very versatile.

Disclaimer: Make sure to check all applicable laws, regulations, and rules to verify that the use of unwelcome mats is legal. It is also likely that in an effort to avoid liability, a sign warning visitors of your unwelcome mat should be posted. Of course, if things go in a southern direction, it may not matter how legal it is.

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