Nostradamus, Baba Vanga’s Scary Predictions For 2017, Beyond Exposed!

NOSTRADAMUS – The Nostradamus and Baba Vanga’s world predictions for the year 2017 and the future have been revealed.

Predictions have undeniably been a part of the history of the world. Since before, there are already people who express their predictions of what will happen to the world in the coming years.

There are those predictions that were really jaw-dropping as they have come true. Unfortunately, there were those happenings that were indeed tragic and has marked the world history.

One of the recent predictions that have really caught the attention of the populace is the end of the world in 2012. Undeniably, this prediction has really circulated and many people really observed on the happenings around.

Nevertheless, 2012 has passed and it is now four years since that year that the world was predicted to have its end. However, predictions still hit the surface. In fact, there are videos uploaded in the online world featuring the predictions of the world in the coming years.

As 2017 approaches, along with it are some Nostradamus predictions as featured in a video. Here are the five Nostradamus predictions for 2017:

1. The Third Anti-Christ

Nostradamus predicted that the rise of the third anti-Christ will come along with 2017. Based on the video, the rise of the third anti-Christ could result in the start of the World War 3 and rumors entailed that it would either be Russia or China which will start the war.

2. Financial Hardship Will Challenge Italy

According to the video, Nostradamus foretold that a great hardship will be experienced by the economy of Italy and it will lead to the EU economy’s collapse.

3. North Korea and South Korea Tea Will Become One Nation

Nostradamus predicted that the South Korea and North Korea will merge and become one nation according to the video.

4. Bold Moves By China

The video entailed the possibility that China will become the next superpower.

5. World War III

Nostradamus predicted that Donald Trump will become president of the United States according to the video. It also mentioned that conspiracy theories claim that Trump will begin the World War III when he is already on the highest position.

Another set of predictions that will be exposed is that of Baba Vanga. In a post in Yahoo News, it is stated that Baba Vanga is a blind Bulgarian clairvoyant who passed away 20 years ago.

Based on the post, she had already predicted many things that actually happened. These predictions include the fall of the twin towers, the global warming, and the tsunami in 2004.

For 2017 onward, here is the list of the world predictions of Baba Vanga according to a video.

Bible Signs Of The End Times

1. The new superpower in 2018 will be China.

2. Between 2025 to 2028, hunger will be eradicated according.

3. Human beings will journey the planet Venus.

4. By 2045, ice caps will melt.

5. In 2046, body organs will be cloned.

6. In 2076, communism will return.

7. Civilizations will exist underwater by 2130 with the aid of aliens.

8. Everything in this world will cease to exist by the year 3797.

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