What Did You Do To Prep Last Week?

Most things you do can help you prep. They can be little things – buying an extra dozen cans of corn because it’s on special offer, and adding them to your food stores, for example. They can be big things, too, like making yard space and access to water top priorities when you’re looking for a new home. Do you replace your old car with a sporty model or a reliable truck you can maintain yourself? If you accept that job offer in California, will you be able to take your guns with you?

What I realized was that every decision I take can have an effect on how prepared I am. Some things would make it more difficult to protect myself and my family if the collapse comes – like moving to California. Others could give me more of an edge. That’s why I decided to start keeping a record of exactly what I’m doing to make myself more prepared.

My goal is to be able to look back at the end of every week and point to something I’ve done to make myself better prepared. It doesn’t have to be something big – just anything that improves my ability to cope with an unexpected crisis. It might be more food laid up, a new tool found or a new skill learned; as long as it’s something that will help out when it’s needed most.

This paragraphs is where I’ll share what I’ve done. Hopefully you’ll find it useful and inspiring. I use activated charcoal for heartburn, indigestion, dental infections and of course most of it goes on my barbecue. As I ran out of charcoal I decided to make old fashioned charcoal and activate it using the method I illustrated (DIY step by step + pictures) in The Lost Ways 2.


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