Prepping with Guard Dogs & Attack Dogs – Top 10 K9 choices

Prepping with Guard Dogs & Attack Dogs

Top 10 K9 choices


Many dogs are naturally territorial in nature. Prepping with Guard Dogs can vary by owner. With that said you do not need a German Shepherd to have a good guard dog present. A guard dog can be a smaller breed of dog such as a Jack Russell Terrier or even a Chihuahua. A guard dog is simply a dog that will make noise when someone or something tries to enter your home or wanders too close to your dwelling. But don’t rely completely on your dog’s instincts alone. Take the time to train him or her that there is a job to do in regard to home security and they have an important role to play in it.

Another variation is an attack dog. While many larger breeds may automatically defend their masters and defend them well, they do not qualify as an attack dog. An attack dog is trained to absolutely and viciously attack an intruder and probably before you can hop out of bed to see what the commotion is. Note: Attack dog’s may not always make the best family pets. I personally would not want one around my children. Handling a trained attack dog takes hard work and patience. Think of it as a weapon. That’s ultimately what one is and you are responsible for its actions. Guard dog’s on the other hand are easier to train and serve as loving companions for you and all of your family. I have a boxer/lab mix who guards his home well and would absolutely defend us to the death. He patrols the windows at night, barks at everything that’s not family until we give him the signal to relax. I have full confidence in him and hes great with the kids.

But moving on. There are many great reasons to own a pet and a great dog can protect not only your family but your families preparations “preps” as well. The best of weapons and high tech security at times can not compete with a real life body guard. Guard dogs can often recognize that something is happening out of the ordinary and alert you as to what is going on. Loyalty, sense of smell, keen hearing and other animal instincts create a deadly combination for would-be crooks trying to jeopardize the well being of your family and property.

Here is a list of 10 k9’s that make for exceptional guard dogs and or attack dogs. This list is ranked in order of my personal preference. Note: Many of these dogs would not do well stuffed into some tiny apartment. Not everyone should be a dog owner, especially so if you would look to buy one simply to guard your cache. I like the old phrase “dogs are people too”. Point being, they are family and need to be treated like family members… not a tool in your arsenal.


Top 10 K9’S to choose from.

1. German Shepherd

German Shepherd

This dog is the number one choice in law enforcement for a very good reason. Originally used to heard sheep, this large, strong and exceptionally smart dog is a force not to be trifled with.

Bold, fearless and confident… the German Shepherd is also extremely territorial and will guard its pack until the end of its days. I list this dog at #1 for many practical reasons, the biggest being cost and ability to obtain one. They are not as rare as some of the breeds on this list.

The German Shepherd Dog is hailed as the world’s leading police, guard and military dog, however, this dependable breed is more than its 9-to-5 job. Consistently one of the United States most popular breeds according to AKC® Registration Statistics, the German Shepherd Dog is also a loving family companion, herder and show competitor. The breed is approachable, direct and fearless, with a strong, muscular body. The GSD may be most colors, but most commonly is black and tan.

Quote from AKC

2. Caucasian Shepherd

Photo courtesy of

I would have this dog listed at #1 if not for their serious temperament issue. The breed can adapt to any climate and is very well adjusted.

They are highly suspicious of strangers and again they have temperament issues. If you can successfully train one this is the dog you need.

Big, mean and relentless, this is an excellent choice in dog for guarding a dwelling or facility.

In case we didn’t mention it through subtle imagery, this is NOT a family pet or a pet for first time dog owners.

Although certain strains are more vicious than others, all Caucasians are very territorial and dog-aggressive, needing early and careful broad socialization, as well as firm, but never forceful, handling. This breed can be a family dog, if well trained and socialized.

Quote From Wiki

3. Rottweiler

"Year Old Rottweiler" by fro3enfire

The original police pooch. These K9’s were used prior to the discovery of German Shepherds for many law enforcement agencies.

A big Rottie is a scary thing. The German Rot counterparts are enormous. One look from a snarling Rot is enough to send the common thief running for another victim.

Properly trained and socialized Rottweilers will naturally protect you and your family. They should bark at anyone who knocks on the door, but immediately stop once they realize the person is harmless. They should not demonstrate unpredictable behavior, such as lunging for no reason toward random people.

On walks, they should appear alert, but neutral toward dogs and other people around you. If your Rottie is constantly snapping, barking or acting out, the behavior derives from fear, not from protection.

Quote from: petcarerx

4. Bullmastiff

"Bullmastiff edited" by Fausto Moreno

What can go wrong when breeding a Bulldog with a Mastiff? Nothing. These dogs were originally bred in England for game keepers to combat poachers by tackling and pinning them to the ground.

I would hate to be the thief pinned to the ground by one of these monsters. This dog was originally bred to be a guard. It has a temperament suited for it.

This is a working dog and not suited for first time dog buyers.

Bullmastiffs are strong, powerful but sensitive dogs. For a bullmastiff to become a well-behaved family member, consistency is needed. Training and socialization is of high importance as the breed can be independent. Dogs of this breed are natural guardians of their home and owners. No special guard training is needed for a bullmastiff to react appropriately if his family is endangered. During training, a bullmastiff requires a special approach, because these dogs do not like to repeat the same actions again and again. Activities bullmastiffs enjoy include obedience, agility, tracking, and carting.

Quote via Wikipeida

5. Colie

Lasie as so many will think of when they look at the Colie is a sweet and friendly pooch that is extremely loyal and exceptionally smart. They were a choice dog for my family in times past for good reason. While aggression is a last resort they have been proven to defend relentlessly if a member of their pack is in danger. This is a often quiet dog, and only barks when it needs to.

It needs to be groomed often. This intelligent Scottish pooch is not to be overlooked. I highly recommend this breed to a family with children.

The Collie is an extremely intelligent dog known for its amazing ability to sense when something is wrong. If you have young kids I highly recommend paying this breed a visit.

6. Doberman Pinscher


One of the original Marine K9’s, this breed was used often by the United States Marines in WWII. They are often gentle, loyal, highly intelligent and very loving.

One great feature in Dobermans is their ability to possess high self control and restraint.

The US centers for disease and control state that this breed is less frequently involved in attacks on humans ending in casualty as they can be trained to restrain an intruder and employ enough self control to avoid killing them.

7. The Moscow Watch Dog

The Moscow Watchdog

What do you get when you cross an Caucasian Shepherd with a Saint Bernard? The Moscow Watch Dog. This dog was bred by the Soviet Union after WWII to create the ultimate watchdog.

After 50 years its safe to say they did this right. The sheer size of this thing is enough to send people in the other direction. This is a very rare and beautiful breed. I wonder how much of the temperament this breed inherits from the Caucasian Shepherd. If anyone knows the price of one please let me know. On a side note, this may be one of my favorites.

8. American Pit Bull Terrier

Image via


I would love to rank this dog a littler higher on my list if it weren’t for the excessive abuse this breed has endured by the inner cities in America over the years.

I don’t need to talk much about the breed. It has been bred to do one thing over the past 5 decades here in America. Fight. The dog breed has a bad rap for good reason.

If you can get over the fear of having one (as well as the strong rumor of chemical imbalance) they make great defenders.

9. Norwegian Elkhound

Image by Dmitry Guskov


This breed was the one selected by the Vikings of the 11th century. The Norwegian Elkhound was originally employed to hunt bear, moose and of course elk.

Outside of hunting the animals mentioned and other wild animals. they were also used to guard Viking settlements.

High stamina and great hunting instincts require the Norwegian Elkhound to have some spacespace to run and spread its legs.

10. Boxer

Image by Mood210


Another great family dog, the Boxer is a big and affectionate lover. A gentle companion who loves to be around people.

Put aside their loving features and you will find a loyal and intelligent breed that would make any intruder think twice about testing its strength and tenacity.

Side note: My family dog is a Boxer/Lab mix and he is a great and loving dog who shows excellent traits of protecting his “pack”. I am quite confident in him.

Bonus : American Alsatian

Image by Shepaluteprez


The breed was invented in 1988, meaning its only into its third generation. With that said there isn’t an awful lot of history. This dog was bred to mimic the now extinct direwolf. The breed is a cross between Alaskan Malamutes, German Shepherds, English Mastiffs, Anatolian Shepherds, and Great Pyrenees.

These things are scary looking. I wouldn’t want to tangle with one. This breed has a companion type temperament along with the physical attributes of some of the greatest breeds here on earth.



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