Social Justice Warrior Freak-Out Compilation – Special Snowflakes Weaponizing Victimhood To Stifle Debate

In an age where the MSM spotlights minority deaths by police in order to “generate outrage,” despite the fact that more whites are killed by police each year, and where we have the most divisive president in history, pushing class warfare, inciting racial tensions, targeting whole segments of society like veterans, constitutionalists, Christians, survivalists and others, by labeling them as extremists and calling them dangerous, we are witnessing an agenda-driven “conditioning” of society….. which begins in educational institutes across the America.

Students are being conditioned by the MSM and our politicians to “fear” police and to avoid the reality of differing opinions and to hide in their “safe spaces” from events that they find uncomfortable, as evidenced by the latest bit of absurdity where a college in Ohio, the Case Western Reserve University, altered their entire schedule and reduced it’s on-campus operations for the duration of the Republican National Convention from July 18th to July 21st, because the school dared agree to allow “police officers imported to maintain order during the convention to stay in campus housing,” according to HeatStreet.

Some students even asked to be moved to alternative housing for the week, saying the increased police presence caused them to “fear for their safety” following the shooting deaths of two black men in Minnesota and Louisiana.

“I am scared and concerned for students of color, queer and trans students and all university community members at the mercy of an arbitrarily expanded police force without clear oversight or attachment to the community,” wrote one petitioner, Shannon Groll. “Please, protect CWRU as a safe space for all bodies.”

“I am deeply troubled by the presence – even temporarily – of a militarized police force on the CWRU campus,” wrote Keith Fitch. “The number one priority for an educational institution is to guarantee a safe environment for its students, faculty, and staff.”

Said petitioner Andrew Stark: “The institutionally-sanctioned presence of militarized police forces in an educational environment is unacceptable and contributes to the creation and maintenance of a gendered and racialized space, physically, socially and psychologically unsafe for persons belonging to marginalized groups.”

To top that off, their Social Justice Institute, offered a “safe space” in the basement of Crawford Hall for students, and according to their newsletter, the University Counseling Services offered “walk-in services for students who want to talk with someone about their concerns related to recent events and/or the upcoming convention.”

Working in collaboration with the university’s LGBT Center, the Social Justice Institute will host a “safe space” adjacent to its offices (A15C) in the basement of Crawford Hall during the week. The Interreligious Council also will house a safe space for those who want to talk or reflect about their concerns at the Interfaith Plaza, located just east of the Church of the Covenant, 11205 Euclid Ave. Please contact these offices for schedules and other information.

Note that this university is paid up to $63, 929 a year by a parent of a residential student, in order to enable and encourage these Social Justice Warrior, special snowflake children, to avoid reality, and fear police.

Via we see that Case Western Reserve is not the only Ohio university that is enabling these children that act like they should still be in diapers and sucking binkies, as Cleveland State University’s campus stayed open but classes were cancelled and Cuyahoga Community College closed several buildings near the convention site and held classes off campus.



Parents of these special snowflakes should be demanding a refund. College life is supposed to be preparing young adults for life away from home, and out in the real world there are no “safe spaces,” to avoid differing opinions, there are no “trigger warnings,” before life altering events or disasters.

These colleges are teaching students to hide from life and cower in fear, instead of preparing them for reality in order to live and survive.

For those that think it is an exaggeration to claim these special snowflakes are in no way being prepared or equipped to handle life outside of their “safe spaces,” the first video below, a compilation titled “Social Justice Warrior Freak-Out Compilation 2016,”  should negate any doubt.

In the second video we see an outstanding break down of how victimhood has been weaponized at another College, Brown University.

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Below you will see a student completely lose his mind and attack a man practicing his free speech rights by holding sign, a woman screeching that all white babies should be killed, Bernie Sanders cowed by black social justice warriors and threatened to have his event shut down if he didn’t listen to them, a totally hysterical girl having a complete meltdown over Sanders’ endorsement of Hillary Clinton saying she is “literally about to f**king kill” herself, a rapper threatening to kill Donald Trump if his mother’s food stamps are taken away, and much, much more.

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The language is extremely offensive by these social justice warriors but it is important, in fact critical, to see what our nation’s children are becoming and frankly, sometimes only seeing is believing.



Below you see an explanation of the changes within another college, Brown University, over the last five years where a man who attended the same college back when it was a place where ideas could be exchanged freely, explains what we see across America now is students “weaponizing victimhood to stifle debate.” (Background details about the following mini-documentary, titled “Free Inquiry vs. Social Justice at Brown University,” found here)


Source : allnewspipeline.

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