What Do I Need In My Bug out Bag

What Do I Need In My Bug out Bag



Preparing My Bug Out Bag

What Do I Need In My Bug out Bag is a question I get quite often. And believe it or not there are a few varying opinions on the subject of getting out of Dodge and what you need to survive. so depending on how long you plan on traveling to your bunker (I hope that is where you are going) the needs vary. For the sake of this article we are going to assume that worse case scenario you will be out in the open for a maximum of three days, which is what most will say is a god rule of thumb for a bug out bag.

Bug Out Bag Must Haves


at a bare minimum you will need one liter of water per day to maintain your stamina. In a survival situation water will become as precious as gold so not only bring at least 3 liters of water with you be prepared to protect it with your life, without water your life is over anyway.



You will not need as much food to survive as you will water, as a mater of fact you can go three days without food and survive, however if you are in a survival situation, hunger is not what you need to have on your mind. So be prepared by packing lightweight, calorie dense food in your bag. Protein bars and MRE’s (military rations.) Take only what you will need and pack lite.


Your going to want 2 shirts along with what you are wearing, at least one long pair of pants, two pairs of socks, a warm jacket (preferably water repellent, if not bring a rain poncho) and a hat and bandana of some sort. You will find that the bandana has quite a few other uses as well. (More on this later…)

First Aid

Bring a small first aid kit with all the essentials, which includes prescription medications as well as over the counter meds, like ibuprofen, antacids, etc. Make sure to remove all of the non essential pieces of the first aid kit and add your own.SURVIVALMD


You will want something like a lite weight tarp and some rope to build yourself a makeshift overnight shelter from the wind or rain.


Always have 3 different ways to start a fire, don’t just depend on matches or a lighter. If you have the time I suggest you learn how to build a fire without either of those just in case. You can actually use dryer lint for kindling…and it works really well.


You will want something to boil water with to cook your MRE’s so a small backpacking stove and a backpacking camping set (with a pot, fork and pan/plate)


survival knife –  is critical for a few different reasons. Not only will you need a knife for protection but you can use it for many other things as well. You will need a knife to make kindling, cut rope or other unforeseen situations. Choosing between a serrated edge or a clean edge is up to you, a straight edge is easier to sharpen though.

Fire Arm – You will want to carry a small fire arm for defense. The type of gun depends on your ability and comfort. You never know what people will do in a chaos situation so trust no one and be prepared. I would even suggest walking around with a “big stick” to at the very least make yourself look more intimidating and hopefully ant assailant will think twice about taking your survival supplies.

Flash Light

You will want to bring 2 flash lights with you (one as a backup) and a few extra batteries just in case your travels take longer than 3 days.

My personal (low cost) backpack of choice is a low cost Assault back Pack and a low cost disaster survival kit because I need one for every member of my family and I don’t really want to spend $1500 on bug out bags.

Are You Prepared?

This is not a complete “set in stone” bug out bag checklist, but it gives you a basic idea about what you will need when the shit hits the fan. Being prepared for any disaster whether local or global takes a different approach depending on what it is you feel the biggest threat to you and your family is. I wrote a series of posts called Bug Out Bag Checklist which is three very comprehensive post so head over and check those out for more detailed information about urban survival and preparing for your future survival.


Source : survivalistprepper.net

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