Wilderness Survival 72 Hour Bag

Wilderness Survival 72 Hour Bag


What If Your Camping Trip Doesn’t Go As Planned?

Preparing a wilderness survival 72 hour bag and a 72 hour bug out bag are quite similar but require some different supplies. If you are out practicing your prepping skills or just enjoying the outdoors you could possibly find yourself in a tough situation. Even if you are planing to only go one mile away from camp you could find yourself lost, disorientated or even injured. Taking the proper supplies with you and being prepared can help ensure your survival.

Seventy-two hours is a significant period in relation to your survival. For search and rescue operations 72 hours is the window of time they try to have personnel on the ground. This does not necessarily mean you will be rescued or found during this period but you can assume operations are under way.

If you find yourself, lost or stranded you have to ask yourself who back home may know of your plans. Will anyone report you missing in a timely manner? Do friends, coworkers or family members have any idea of your itinerary?

The point is if no one knows you are missing it is not likely you will be reported missing. In this case, the 72-hour window cannot apply. Before venturing out make sure, someone knows something of your plans so someone can alert the proper authorities if you fail to make it home or to some other location at a pre-arranged time.

Bug-Out-Bags Are Designed To Sustain You for 72-Hours


Some people however, may be under the impression that a bug-out and/or survival situation will be resolved with this period. One of the reasons a bug-out-bag is also called a 72-hour bag is because realistically you can only carry enough food and water for three days on your back. You cannot possibly pack enough food and water to sustain you indefinitely.

What this all means is that in addition to having enough food and water for this period you also need the tools, materials and skills to make a shelter and procure food and water when your supplies have been depleted.


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72 Hour Pack Essentials

Food and Water for 72-hours, the minimum amount of water you will need is two quarts/liters daily for hydration, this does not include water for personal hygiene such as oral care and sponge baths, an additional two quarts will be needed for these tasks
Shelter such as tarps and rain ponchos

  • Water purification tablets
  • 50 feet of quality nylon rope (550 Paracord is recommended)
  • Fixed bladed knife as well as a multi-tool
  • Fish tackle that includes hooks, lures, spoons and15-20 pound monofilament line
  • 20-24 gauge wire for snares, shelter building and gear repair
  • Compass and maps of the general area, state and country
  • Flashlight
  • Bandanas, sunglasses, lip balm, sunscreen and insect repellent
  • Magnesium stick and Ferro rod for fire starting, redundancy is the best back up plan so never have just matches or lighters for fire starting, matches can become useless from being carried in your pocket because of dampness caused by sweating and exposure to humidity even when they are in your pack
  • Hat, work/cold weather gloves
  • First Aid Kit
  • Coffee filters for emergency water purification
  • Extra socks
  • Camping axe, machete and/or folding wood saw
  • Stainless steel canteens with metal nesting cups for boiling water for purification


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Surviving Beyond 72-Hours

Survival requires that you have shelter, water, fire and nutrition so this is where you start. Clean clothes are wonderful but they take up room and add considerable weight. Assume that if the weather is cold you will be wearing cold weather gear so no need to pack extra. If you expect a weather change, then pack a cold weather coat, gloves and hat but avoid extra clothing for changing clothes. The only exception is extra socks. Dry feet are critical to your survival so always have extra socks in your survival pack.


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